Friday, August 6, 2010

writing in dilema ;DD

i did love you
but i hate you
why i being like this
just cause of you

someday before i really need you in my life
but after what already u did it to me
my heart was heart
the sickness is still fresh in my bottom heart

yes i was fall for you
but u seem never fall for me

did i am stupid fall to you?
or maybe i am dumb?

i was wrong fall in love with you
i already choose ur friends, but never get long
i try to take u as my new partner
but seem like we just dont deserve for it

quit pain i try to forgot you
full a sick to hate you
and my heart was beating too much

i need you
i need ur care
i need ur love
but if the hurt and leave will make a happiness
i will do
anything for my heart

the stupidess i am, i will change it
i hope u will happy with ur new life

p/s : knowing you was a great memory
but to forget you
i must sacrifice my love and heart to do this
i will love you till end of my life <3
thank you for reading. xoxo

mine memory ♥