Friday, November 19, 2010

its about H.E.A.R.T && M.I.N.D

GOSH ! can you notice that you already hurt me ?
hrmm yeahh ofcourse you not notice it coz you always && keep hurting me slowly :/
why ?! why I can't just damage you ? why ?! :(

look H.E.A.R.T
day by day , you keep make me sick :(
you make CAN'T forget about the past,
about thing that already happen in my life

but you M.I.N.D !
can't you notice? even know that why you guys make me sick huh ?

you guys keep reminds me to still remember about my ex ,
about bad things that had happen
about my worst feeling

why you guys did it to me ? :/

isn't good perfect I keep both of you ?
what wrong with you guys :/

pleasee, help me to forget all the shit thing
all the bad thing
and my feelings towards my ex :(
yes ! I admit i miss you A, but its just our past. :(
now I just get a new one, && deep inside my heart I know he will taking care for me :)

but you guys (heart + mind) ,
you guys totally not help me okay :(

hrmm, if its too diff to you guys help me


thank you for reading. xoxo

mine memory ♥