Monday, December 27, 2010

lala love :)

feel like want to share my feeling :)
i already practical at one place.
Hotel near at Shah Alam.
but what make me surprise
the partime :)
ohh gosh, I think i'm so easy to LIKE someone :)
hrmm why I think I like him ?
hrmm his nice for me,
even he rheumatic,
i miss his joke and way he tease me :)
he like make me sulky towards him :)
ohh cute baby, aww .
hrmm but the bad thing(for me), he already belong to someone :(
how can I dare to him gate in fact hey was others lover :'(
zara, what kind of human you are ?
are you good enough to confiscate him from her gf?
soo dizzy for me.
i know, he will never read my blog :)
so isoke, i can tell and wrote about him :)
ohh damn miss his joke,
his laugh,
his mincing smile,
ouchh !
now he got permanent staff at Hotel Puncak Alam,
sure after this i'll damn miss him :(
but isoke, i'll keep in my heart :))

for you : awak awak, saya minta maaf yea tulis pasal awak :)) tapi saya tak dapat nak tipu hati saya la awak :/ . saya mungkin garang tapi hati saya lembut . saya memang tak pernah mengaku nak smile2 dgn awak, tapi dalam hati saya, saya suka bila awak sakat saya :) awak comell , <3>

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