Thursday, December 23, 2010


okay what should I think about you?
oh yeah, you are perfect
like that?
NOT at all dude :)
once you comes to my life,
i'll accept you.
But when you break my heart with you stupid attitude,
for easy I can KICK you out from my life :)
ohh you mad at me?
but why darling?
because I KICK you? haha
it's deal right?
ever you know darling,
people like you to many hurting me badly for a long ago :)
but I just keep it in my lil heart ,
cause I know ONE DAY people who dare to hurt me,
they'll get what they deserve :)

NOW I have someone that can take care of me .
like you can't :)
YOU can say that I'm like CHILDISH,
eventhough out there have some more girl that more emo that me dear :)
even you keep think a NEGATIVE about me,
it's okay :)
it's your mind :)
so i'm just let it go.

BUT when sudden I think of you,
my heart is SICK, BEATING, HATED && much more negative thought .
why you come & go easily in my heart?
hrm am I stupid that let you "touch" my heart?
or am I good brave to make you hurt me?
hrmm can you answer for me?
ohh I guess NOT :)
but it's okay ,
it's our memory then I'll "destroy" it :')

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